For most people, purchasing a vehicle is a major investment. To protect the value of the car to it’s maximum, it is recommended to wash the exterior at least once a week. The interior should not be neglected, a monthly cleaning is recommended.

It is important to protect the exterior finish after a thorough cleaning with the application of a good quality wax. We suggest waxing your car at the beginning of each season. This will offer a good protection against mother nature. Rustproofing your car once a year is also highly recommended. If ever any bodywork should be done, it is important to rustproof that area after the work is completed.


For the weekly washing, it is very important to always use clean water. Use a soft cloth, a washing mitt or a soft brush. This recommendation will be useless if the car is not well rinsed before it is washed. The dust, salt, calcium and dirt will act as an abrasive and thus scratch the car. If using a washing mitt, rinse it frequently to remove the dirt that may be caught in it. Always use soap designed for cars. Dishwashing or other household products will strip any protection on the car and cause the paint to tarnish. A car should be washed in the shade and preferably on a cool day. The sun and heat will cause the water to evaporate too quick leaving soap residues and water rings. Once the car is well rinsed, use a good quality chamois to wipe off the remaining water.

However, if a car has been neglected, it is always possible to restore it to its original look with the application of a compound. Different grades of compound do exist on the market. The grade needed will depend on the extent of the damage of the surface and also the colour of your car. It is always easier to restore light colours than dark ones. On darker colours, scratches and oxidation are more noticeable. When doing a compound, be very cautious, you could permanently damage your car. Always read carefully the instructions on the products and, if you are uncertain, refer to professionals who will gladly do the job for you.

To restore the car to its original look, there are three different products or stages : the compound, the glaze and the wax.


The compound is an abrasive paste. For a regular job, the soft paste should be used. It is designed to remove the top surface where we find sanding marks and minor scratches. A compound can be done either by hand or with a polisher.


A glaze is used to remove the oxidation or the swirls left from the compound. It is not an abrasive paste like the compound. It is designed to polish the surface of the vehicle and to give it a uniform shine temporarily.


Unlike the glaze, the wax is more resistant and will last longer. It will protect the surface of the car for a few months. A good tip : wax your car at the beginning of each season.

Don’t forget to rustproof your car once a year.


NEVER USE PRODUCTS CONTAINING SILICONE. Whether it is in the compound, glaze, wax, or any other cleaning products for the interior, the mouldings, or even the wheels, the silicone is a contaminant that impregnates itself in the paint. It will prevent the adhesion of other products which will ruin any repair.

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